About Us

Welcome to Coastal Voices!
Coastal Voices is a local, acapella, mixed choir based in Abergele, North Wales and led by Sara Brown. Sara is a member of the Natural Voice Practitioners Network (www.naturalvoice.net) and has been leading choirs and running singing workshops since 2003.

Coastal Voices was set up in 2004 to share the fun and delight of singing in harmony together. The songs taught each week come from all over the world, each song is taught by ear so you don’t need any previous singing or musical experience to join.

Singing : Things you need to know

  • It will be a fun and stress relieving.
  • No previous experience needed, just a desire to have a go.
  • No one EVER has to sing on their own.
  • There’s a real joy in being part of a group making a beautiful sound, it’s a real feel good thing.
  • All songs are taught by ear, it’s a really easy way to pick up the tune and then you can pick a part which feels most comfortable for your voice.
  • Sara’s teaching style is fun, with lots of humour and laughter.
  • Did you know that there’s now scientific proof that singing is good for you? It boosts your feel good endorphins and lowers your stress hormone (corticosteroid) levels!

It’s about having fun singing together and creating a sense of community. There are no auditions, everyone is welcome whether they think they can sing or not.
Our main focus is singing beautiful, exciting and fun songs, in harmony. This encompasses an eclectic mix from peace and freedom songs, to songs from Eastern Europe and Africa as well as Welsh and English folk, jazz and pop.
The choir gives occasional performances (these are optional if it’s not your idea of fun). Performance opportunities include end of term gatherings and getting involved in local charity events. Whenever we can you’ll find us raising funds for the UK based charity WaterAid. We love sharing our enthusiasm for singing, so we like to involve our audiences in a song if we can!
Termly rate payable upfront for the term, with student rate available. At the moment we’re also offering a new members’ rate. Your first session is £5.00 so you can see if what we do is what you’re after 🙂